What is Making Whole?

It’s hard to explain fully.

From the moment you walk in it’s apparent that Making Whole isn’t a business or job, it’s a community, a family supporting one another in life and craft. 
It is a place that contains a dynamic atmosphere – a place where there is no desire to rush out, where the sky’s the limit and each person is given the opportunity to learn and thrive in their skill sets and personal development.
We love to partner with Making Whole because we know the process will be gratifying and the craft extraordinary. 
We realize the relationship between mentor and student is powerful in such a way that it overflows to each person coming into contact with Making Whole. So what we get in working with them isn’t a partnership and product but instead another experience in our corporate journey, a relationship, and a symbol of growth and hope.
-Justin Stabb | Stabb Designs | Collaborator

We are a community of men- learning to live, learning to build furniture in a variety of materials, sharing our days together in an effort to become whole.