Furniture and Collaborations

We love working with the people of the world. Whether producing custom work for homes and businesses, collaborating with designers and the trades, collaborating with other makers on their projects, or having world class talent join us to teach us their craft. If you fancy getting involved, we fancy trying to find a way to work together!

We have had some wonderful collaborations over the years, some ordinary and others that were far from ordinary. One of our favorite collaborations saw a symphony come play music in our wood shop for the community to come hear. It was pretty awesome. The producer of that event had this to say about his experience working with us-

The thing about Making Whole that is unique is: they listen.  From my first meeting to our eventual fantastically wonderful collaboration, there was a thru line of open and generous listening, from everyone involved in what they are building.  It may seem like a small thing, but in reality it’s a huge massively important thing to know someone is listening.  I believe this is at the heart of what they are doing.
-Paul Heck