Referring Professionals

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions among referring professionals.

Where do apprentices live? We work with a number of transitional living programs throughout the area. This allows us to match the best transitional living program for the individual. It is our goal to see the apprentices transition into independent living situations while they are at Making Whole in order to provide support during that period of their development.

What is the cost? Tuition is $5,500 per month. Apprentices receive a salary of $1,500 per month. We do not accept insurance. There is limited financial support that is available through state programs, as well as through a scholarship fund, when the conditions are right and funds are available.

What is the schedule? Apprentices are here Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:30. We are very flexible with the schedule in terms of making space for therapeutic and medical appointments.

What is the clinical approach? This is not a clinical program. The majority of the apprentices work directly with a therapist, whether it is one of their own choosing or one that we connect them with. We work to varying degrees directly with therapists, depending on the methodologies of the individual therapists. It is our preference to be involved intimately with the entire treatment team.

Who is a good fit for the program? A wide age range in our group leads to the best outcomes. Our oldest apprentices have been in their 40’s, youngest in late teens. Among those who have thrived here are people (1) with treatment fatigue (2) failure to launch (3) who are creatives (4) who are outside the box thinkers (5) searching to “find themselves” (6) who struggle with traditional education. That said, this is not a typical program and there is not really a typical apprentice. We are willing to explore the fit with you.

How many apprentices are there? We have a limit of 10 apprentices at a time. It is an intimate program, by design.

What about…? Treatment is complicated. It is challenging to figure out whether it is appropriate to recommend a program like this. We are happy to answer any questions, just reach out. We are also happy to connect you with people in the clinical world who are familiar with our approach and outcomes, we have a number of individuals who would be glad to speak with you about our work.

Can you visit? Of course! Just reach out to Jeremy French, [email protected]