What happens at Making Whole?

What do we do at Making Whole? We make things. Beautiful things, challenging things, useful things. We make things out of wood, metal, concrete, leather, and anything other material we fancy to use. We make these things in a world class studio, under the guidance of masters of craft. We don’t make things for the sake of the things, or for the sake of the outcome, we make things for the process, for the lessons that unfold through that process.

Oh, and we make food. Everyday we cook ourselves lunch, and we share that lunch with people from throughout the community. It is a daily practice of connecting and nourishing ourselves at the most basic level.

All of this work is done under the idea that the foundation of recovery is learning to do the simple things well and consistently.

Apprentices show up to work at 8:30 on Monday through Friday. They work on various projects that are taking place in the shop. We cook lunch daily, and have a family style meal at 12:30. There is often a dart game that follows the eating. The day ends at 5:30.

Apprentices have different living situations. We work directly with a range of sober living homes in order to ensure a continuity of care. We are happy to assist in finding appropriate living situations which fit the budgets and mental health needs for apprentices who are interested in the program.